We Are Disabled

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We Are

Too Powerful

To Ignore

The Revolution Has Begun

Welcome To The Disability Experiment

our logo - a lightbulb where the filament is made of a spoon to represent invisible disabilities and a wheelchair to represent visible disabilities the lightbulb is to show we are creating new ways to make the world accessible for everyone

The Disability Experiment

We Bring The Next Generation Of Accessibility To Life

Our Manifesto

We the people with visible and invisible disabilities

must be involved when companies design and develop their products so they will be as accessible as possible.

It is only logical.


We Are Leading The Revolution From The Front!




Get Paid To Influence How Accessible Products Come To Life

We match people with visible and invisible disabilities with Companies who want to develop products that are accessible for everyone.

The Revolution Has Begun!

WE THE PEOPLE with visible and invisible disabilities are now playing a major role in the design and development of the next generation of products to make sure they are as accessible as possible.

To be a part of this revolution and to learn about getting paid for your opinion please use the form below:

We Help You Make The World Accessible Yourself

Our book – Make The World Accessible Yourself & Make Money Too is written especially for people with visible and invisible disabilities.

The book takes you on a journey with the Author as your guide – where you will learn how to invent accessible products and bring these products to life.

You also get free access to our help center for answers to any questions you may have during your journey.

Plus – by the end of the book – you will have gone on an amazing journey and learned some incredible things about YOURSELF!

The book is free for now on Amazon. Click here – or on the book cover above to get it.