Picture of our founder Michael NeuvirthOur Founder And CEO

My name is Michael Neuvirth – You can call me Miko. I am the founder and CEO of The Disability Experiment. 

A little bit about me . . .

Family Man

I am a family man – husband and father of 4 wonderful children.


I am the Author of the Book – Make The World Accessible Yourself And Make Money Too!

Here is a short summary of the book:

The book is for people with visible and invisible disabilities and caregivers for people with those disabilities.

The book takes you on a journey – with me as your guide – where you learn how to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

During the Journey you will meet some super positive people and some amazing entrepreneurs, inventors and business people who will motivate you and help you overcome human nature.

You will then learn both the active and passive routes that you can use to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

You will get a free prize (actually 2) and other free stuff like an online help center that will help you while you read or listen to this book – and after you have finished it.

By the end of the book you will have learned how to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

Most of all – you will have learned some incredible things about YOURSELF!

Unique & Deep Understanding Of The Disability Arena

I spent years researching my book and interacting with entrepreneurs and inventors with visible and invisible disabilities.

Following the publication of the book – I continue to interact with people with visible and invisible disabilities – inventors, entrepreneurs and people looking to become inventors and entrepreneurs via our help desk, email and social media.

It is a give/give relationship. I provide them with motivation, support and business acumen. They provide me with insights and a wide lens into the visible and invisible disability arenas.  

Been There Done That

– Over 25 years of first hand experience helping inventors and entrepreneurs

– Entrepreneur myself who has gone from Patent to Public with valuations exceeding $200 million

– Licensed Inventions Worldwide

– Raised money for inventors and startups

– Developed business plans used to raise millions of dollars and as blueprints for success

– Director of Start-up Division of an Investment Bank

– CEO of technology accelerator

Won Some Academic Awards

– Merit Scholar

– Summa Cum Laude and

– Phi Beta Kappa

Person With Invisible Disabilities

Oh, and by the way – I am also a person with several invisible disabilities.

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