A Book That Will Change Your Life As You Make The World Accessible Yourself

If you have a visible or invisible disability – or you are a caregiver for a loved one with a visible or invisible disability – then you will enjoy reading or listening to this book.

The book takes you on a journey – with the Author as your guide – where you learn how to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

During the Journey – as your guide – the Author will introduce you to some super positive people and some amazing entrepreneurs, inventors and business people who will motivate you and help you overcome human nature.

You will be very surprised as to who some of these people turn out to be.

You will then learn both active and passive ways that you can use to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

You will get a free prize and other free stuff like an online help center that will help you while you read or listen to this book – and after you have finished it.

By the end of the book you will have learned how to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

Plus – you will be incredibly motivated to go out and do so!

Most of all – you will have learned some incredible things about YOURSELF.

About the author

Hi. My name is Michael Neuvirth. You can call me Miko.

I wrote this book based on my two plus decades of experience working with inventors, entrepreneurs and startups.

During all that time – I learned the one common denominator for success – Find A Real Need!

Guess what? No one is more qualified to find a real need than people with visible and invisible disabilities and caregivers.

No one knows the need for an accessible product better – No One! Certainly not the non-disabled product developers around the world who are currently tasked with creating new products.

We cannot expect them to focus on creating accessible products when they personally never encounter the need for them. When they think of new products to create – they look at their own needs and then they create solutions for themselves and people just like them – based on those needs.

So by reading this book – you – the person with a visible or invisible disability, or you – the caregiver will learn how to make the world accessible yourself and make money too.

But I wrote this book to be much more than just that. I want this book to be about YOU proving to YOURSELF that you will not rely on other people to make the world accessible – but that you will make the effort and put in the time to make it accessible – YOURSELF!

I also wrote this book as a way for you to go on a journey with me as your guide. I will guide you inward – where YOU will learn things about yourself YOU never knew – and do things YOU never imagined you would ever do.

I will also guide YOU outward – where YOU take it upon YOURSELF – to not only invent accessible products – but to get those products to the market where they will change lives and make YOU some money too!!

OK, a little be about me.

Family Man

I am a family man – husband and father of 4 wonderful children.

Been There And Done That

– Over 25 years of first hand experience helping inventors and entrepreneurs
– Entrepreneur myself who has gone from Patent to Public with valuations exceeding $200 million
– Licensed Inventions Worldwide
– Raised money for inventors and startups
– Developed business plans used to raise millions of dollars and as blueprints for success
– Director of Start-up Division of an Investment Bank
– CEO of technology accelerator

Won Some Academic Awards

– Merit Scholar
– Summa Cum Laude and
– Phi Beta Kappa


I have my own startup called The Disability Experiment. The Disability Experiment Brings Accessibility To Life. For now, we are incubating our own internal inventions that deal with invisible disabilities. 
Soon – we will be helping inventors with visible and invisible disabilities bring their inventions to life together with corporations.
The Disability Experiment is also the initiator of the Maven project I mentioned in the book where we match companies with people with visible and invisible disabilities to help them make sure that their products will be accessible for everyone.

Music and Food

There are two things in life that make amazing memories – food and music and I love them both very much. If you were really paying attention when you read the book you will know exactly the types of music I love and who my favorite artists are. For food – I love all properly seasoned and cooked food but especially enjoy street food from all over the world.

Person With Invisible Disabilities

Oh, and by the way – I am also a person with several invisible disabilities.