We Are Disabled

Hear Us Roar

We Are

Too Powerful

To Ignore


The Revolution Has Begun

Welcome To The Disability Experiment

The Disability Experiment

Helping You Bring Accessibility To Life


Our Manifesto

We the people with visible and invisible disabilities know the need for inclusive products better than anyone else.

So we need to be the ones creating them!

It is only logical.

We Are Leading The Revolution From The Front!




We Help You Make The World Accessible Yourself

Our book – Make The World Accessible Yourself & Make Money Too is written especially for people with visible and invisible disabilities.

The book takes you on a journey with the Author as your guide – where you will learn how to invent accessible products and bring these products to life.

You also get free access to our help center for answers to any questions you may have during your journey.

Plus – by the end of the book – you will have gone on an amazing journey and learned some incredible things about YOURSELF!

The book is free for now on Amazon. Click here – or on the book cover above to get it.

Our Help Center Is Here For You!

Our free Help Center is here to help you create accessible and inclusive products.

If you have any questions about how to become an inventor or entrepreneur – or do not understand something in our book – simply go to the help center and ask us.

We will answer you within 1 day – and typically much, much faster.

Ask us anything and we will do our best to answer.

Plus sometimes you may just need to vent or to brainstorm. You can do both via our help center.

 Click here – or on the image above to access our help center.