Social Media Specialist

The Disability Experiment - Reference #6612ABB

The Disability Experiment

Full-Time Position Work Remotely

The Disability Experiment is leading the accessibility revolution and we are leading from the front!

We believe that the people with visible and invisible disabilities must be involved when Companies create and design their products- so they will be as accessible as possible. It is only logical. Without us – The Companies don’t know what they don’t know.

We seek a social media specialist who believes in our revolution, understands the need for it and who knows first-hand how people with disabilities interact and engage via social media. 

We’re looking to grow and need you, a social media specialist to help us.

Job Description

You will be one of the heroes of the Disability Experiment’s team.

You will be spreading our message and our manifesto via social media – primarily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You will be responsible for telling our story and highlighting our accomplishments. These accomplishments are also the accomplishments of people with visible and invisible disabilities as they work with us and Companies to make really cool accessible products.

These products will not only make life more accessible for people with disabilities — but also change lives.

We have some really compelling original content – especially what is going on day to day in our very cool Skunk Works programs. You will focus on us and the Companies who our part of the Skunk Works programs.

Most of all – you will focus on the people with visible and invisible disabilities that are part of our Skunk Works programs and who are making the world a better place – for everyone.

All of our original content will become mesmerizing stores that you create and share.

Who You Are:

  • You are a person with a visible or invisible disability who understands that the disability is not the problem – the accessibility is the problem.
  • You are super organized and detail oriented.
  • You are creative and enjoy solving problems.
  • You are kinda geeky in that you love to play with the tech involved in using social media.
  • You understand how social media works and know what the Gary Vaynerchuk $1.80 strategy is.
  • You know how to create websites using WordPress. 
  • You know how to create and manage email campaigns and the tools required to automate them.
  • You understand metrics and that if something cannot be measure then it does not exist.
  • You know how to tell stories using social media as your canvas.
  • You know the best social media tools and how to use them.
  • You have a sense of style and can create a cohesive aesthetic presentation across platforms including websites, social media, email etc.
  • You can create and edit videos and are familiar with the relevant formats for each social media platform.
  • You look forward to measuring the success of every social media campaign.
  • You are up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies.
  • You know how to use social media marketing tools.
  • You have the disciple to work remotely and do not need very much supervision.
  • You own your mistakes and learn from them.
No Degree Necessary

If you have a degree tell us about it. But you do not need any type of degree to be our social media specialist. 

Social media is in constant flux so we are looking for people who have learned how to learn. Who know how to teach themselves and keep up with the latest technologies, trends and tools in social media. 


You Will Make The World A Better Place

Yes, you will get a salary but you will also make a difference. It is a great feeling to know that your work is making the world a better place.

Flexible Work Hours

We all have times where we are the most productive. You can set your own hours as long as they don’t contradict the best times for you to be on Social Media. 


Work From Home Or Virtually Anywhere

You can work from home, a coffee shop, a co-working space, etc. This takes some discipline but it will also save you a lot of time.

Spread Awareness

As you do your job and day to day work – you will automatically be spreading awareness about visible and invisible disabilities.

You Will Always Be Learning

We believe in on-going education and learning. We encourage you to spend time during working hours learning new things that will make you the very best you can be. 

Days Off To Volunteer

We give you paid time off to volunteer for a community organization or charity of your choice. 

How To Apply

We do not care about your Resume or CV – we care about your passion. 

Show us you are passionate about using social media to make the world better and more accessible for everyone.

send us an email – { jobs at disabilityexperiment dot com } where you:

  • Tell us why we should choose you to be our Social Media Specialist.
  • Show us what you have done in social media via links to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Tell us why you want to be part of our team and why you believe in The Disability Experiment’s manifesto.
  • Tell us anything else you think we should know about you.
  • Tell us what type of Salary you expect.
  • This is your chance to impress us. So do it. Remember – we love creativity and out of the box thinking.
  • If you are unconventional then your chances of getting our attention and of getting this job are really high. 
  • We will reply to your submission and let you know what the next steps are.

The words thank you. We are thanking people who applied for a social media job

Thank you for taking the time to apply to be our Social Media Specialist.